Article: How insurance can pay for an iPad

This is an article on how insurance can pay for an i-Pad, with special focus on communication assistance.

Paid Leave

Nearly all of us will need paid leave at some point – to care for a family member’s or our own serious medical condition, or to welcome a new child. Without paid leave, workers often face a cruel and unnecessary tradeoff: health and family, or work and making ends meet. Learn more about how paid…

Article: Community Police Relations

NCCJD Criminal Justice Attorney Fellow Ariel Simms and Officer Sean Collins of The Arc of Pikes Peaks Disability Response Team and the Colorado Springs Police Department co-authored this article that appears in the March 2017 issue of The Police Chief magazine. The article presents a critical message to police chiefs and other law enforcement leadership…

Article: Autistic Brothers Walk Tall in Southern University Marching Band

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Article: Life Without Restraint: Problems and Solutions Regarding Restraint Use

Last month the nation reacted to a video showing a school resource officer putting an eight year-old child’s biceps in handcuffs. There was an outpouring of dismay, outrage and disbelief all across the country. As the mother of a young man with high-functioning autism, my mission each school year has been to make sure my…

Video: Sam’s Autism Journey

Article: Check out the video here!

Article: Increasing Physical Activity among Adults with Disabilities

More than 21 million US adults 18 – 64 years of age have a disability. These are adults with serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs; hearing; seeing; or concentrating, remembering, or making decisions.  Adults with disabilities are three times more likely to have heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or cancer than adults without disabilities.  Aerobic physical…

Article: May Provide Clues to the Origin of Autism

New research on newborn horses is exploring how pressure during birth may trigger shifts in brain chemistry that could lead to autism.

Article: The Ultimate Job Relocation Guide for the Newly Hired

MyMove’s study found that “new job/transfer’ was among the top five reasons people move.

Article: Coping with stress at work

Any job can have stressful elements, even if you love what you do. This article is about things and ideas to try to lessen your stress at work.