Article: Huffington Post: The SPECTRUM Alert: 8 Steps Schools Can Take to Prevent Autism-Elopement Tragedy

Schools typically address autistic elopement only in the context of a specific child in an IEP meeting — if they address it at all.

Article: Health Professionals Network: The Changing Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder: What They Mean for Practice

An estimate of the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) recently published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that rates of ASDs are roughly 30% higher than previous estimates.

Article: YaleNews: Siblings of children with autism can show signs at 18 months

A new study by Yale School of Medicine researchers has found that 57% of these younger siblings who later develop the condition already showed symptoms at age 18 months.

Article: CSESA: Depression in Adolescents with ASD

This Autism at-a-Glance was designed to support high school staff and family members in understanding and recognizing symptoms of depression.

Article: Exceptional Parent: Planning Ahead For When Your Special Child Turns 18

This article from a March 2010 issue of Exceptional Parent discusses topics that parents may want to consider as children with I/DD approach the age of 18.

Article: Exceptional Parent: Government Benefits for Children with Special Needs

This article from a July 2012 issue of Exceptional Parent provides a list of program that the federal government offers to individuals with disabilities and their families.

Article: UC Davis MIND Institute: Atypical development in the siblings of children with autism is detectable at 12 months

This article discusses the results of a 2014 study which found that close to half of the younger siblings of children with ASD develop in an atypical fashion.

Article: Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC): Opening Doors: A Discussion of Residential Options for Adults Living with Autism and Related Disorders

The study focuses on the residential concerns of adults living with autism and related disorders.

Article: National Down Syndrome Society: Dual Diagnosis of Down Syndrome & Autism

This article offers information about individuals who are dually-diagnosed with Down syndrome and autism, what researchers are learning through data collection, and insights to the evaluation process.

Article: Huffington Post: Kids with Autism May Have Poorer Sleep

This article is about a study which found that kids with autism may sleep less each night due to disturbed sleep than children without the condition.