This section provides families of individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities with valuable information, tools and resources.

Military Families

More than 100,000 military families have members with special needs. These include spouses, children, or dependent parents who require special medical or educational services. Whether it’s a parent’s upcoming deployment or relocating to a new duty station, these major changes can often be difficult for everyone, especially those with disabilities.

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Resources for Families Who Have Multiple Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

There are many families who have more than one child living with autism spectrum disorder and/or other disabilities. There are resources and supports for families with more than one child living with an ASD.

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Types of Support Available for Families with Members Living With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Support for individuals living with disabilities begins at home. Whether it’s through support groups, online discussion forums or in-house care, families also require some type of assistance to help their members living with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities. These resources and support networks can help reunite, preserve, strengthen, and maintain families in their home communities.

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