Like everyone else, individuals with autism and their families have things to do. Whether it’s commuting to work, engaging in extracurricular activities or going on vacation, their needs are similar to other people. But, some things that are easy for most people to do may be challenging to those living with autism or other disabilities.

The Autism NOW website provides some great resources on:

  • Getting around your community
  • Staying safe
  • Socializing and participating in activities
  • Traveling

Inspiring Social Interaction Among Children and Adults with Autism Recreational Activities

Enjoying recreational activities in one’s community not only brings opportunities for relaxation, focused skill building, and fun, but it has an added impact of developing social skills and relationships. Learning that occurs in inclusive settings increases social interactions, and children on the spectrum can take the social skills that develop to other settings and use them.

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Making Traveling Fun, Easy and Safe

We all love to travel and experience new places. For individuals living with autism and their families, it is important to make preparations in advance to ensure a safe journey to your destination.

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Our bodies are incredible machines that are fueled by the foods we eat. Think of your body as a car and the food you eat as the gasoline. To be healthy and keep your body running smoothly, you’ll want to put the best fuel in the tank.

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Promoting Inclusion: Helping Individuals with Disabilities to Do Everyday Things

Learn about the types of services available to you or a loved one living with a disability. Whether it’s about getting to work or running errands, individuals with disabilities have access to a variety of services that enables them to complete them.

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Safety Tips and Resources for Individuals with Autism and Other Disabilities

Staying safe is a priority for all of us. We all have some sort of safety plan in place. People with autism or with other developmental disabilities may have difficulties getting access to important safety information, as well as how to handle life situations where their lives could be endangered.

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Using Public Transportation

Many cities offer public transportation. Many individuals with disabilities rely on these services to get them to school, work, home and other extracurricular activities. Learn about how to use public transportation to ensure you get to where you need to be on time. Also, learn about the types of services available to you.

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