Report: How Insurance Can Pay for an i-Pad

How Insurance Can Pay for an i-Pad

Report: Talk About Sexual Violence

Health care professionals are in a frontline position to educate their patients about, and potentially prevent, sexual violence and abuse. The challenge is that these professionals have little or no experience talking about this issue with women who have disabilities. Also, women with disabilities are unlikely to raise the topic on their own. They may not know what constitutes sexual violence or how to describe it.

Talk About Sexual Violence gives health care professionals the basic tools they need to have a simple, direct and honest conversation about an all too common experience faced by women who have intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) – sexual violence. Talk About Sexual Violence builds the capacity of health care professionals and lays the groundwork needed to both empower their patients and prevent future violence.

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Article: How insurance can pay for an iPad

This is an article on how insurance can pay for an i-Pad, with special focus on communication assistance.

Report: Choosing a Lawyer to Help Plan for the Future

Description: Planning for the future may require specialized legal assistance.  This Center of Future Planning® fact sheet provides tips for choosing a lawyer that is right for you and your family. Download Here!

Website: SMD ABLE ACT –

Released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in September 2017, this letter provides guidance to states on the implications of the ABLE Act for state Medicaid programs.

Paid Leave

Nearly all of us will need paid leave at some point – to care for a family member’s or our own serious medical condition, or to welcome a new child. Without paid leave, workers often face a cruel and unnecessary tradeoff: health and family, or work and making ends meet. Learn more about how paid family and medical leave can boost economic security and opportunity for us all, including the 1 in 5 Americans with disabilities and their families.

Easy and Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Busy Parents

Easy and Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Busy Parents

Sponsored by the Autism Research Institute in partnership with the Johnson Center, this You-Tube video shows how to prepare your children’s lunch for school, based on your child’s food preferences, their independent ability to eat the food and take the food out of their containers, level of assistance provided, what the school allows, etc.

Report: Teachable Moments

In this report, Elizabeth Graham, Autism Waiver Service Coordinator at The Arc of Prince George’s County, explains what a “teachable moment” is and how they can be used to develop skills for individuals with autism.

Report: Health Insurance and Medicaid Coverage for Autism Services: A Guide for Individuals and Families

This resource is designed to help people with autism, their families, service providers, and other advocates understand and enforce their rights to health coverage for autism-related services.

Report: The Arc’s 2017 HealthMeet® report

The Arc’s 2017 HealthMeet® report provides an assessment of health challenges faced by the I/DD community, as well as offers promising solutions.