Article: The Caregiver’s Toolbox: The Caregiver’s Space

It is a place where caregivers of individuals with I/DD can go and find information as well as have someone to chat with who may be in a similar situation.

Article: Zip Recruiter: How To Write The Perfect Resume for Any Job

This is an article about the dos and don’ts of writing a resume.

Article: Disability Scoop: Pets May Boost Social Skills In Kids With Autism

Researchers say in a new study, that individuals with autism or ASD will be more likely to speak if there is a pet in the house.

Article: The Guardian: Is the NHS failing women with autism?

Autism, or ASD, is far more prevalent in women than previously thought but is still often untreated because the stereotype focuses on male behavior.

Article: My Aspergers Child: Insomnia in Children with Aspergers & High-Functioning Autism

This article gives several ideas on things to try to help get individuals to sleep.

Article: Autism Daily News: The Positive Traits of Autism – Part 2 – Hardworking

There are a lot of positive traits autistic workers can bring to any job. The simple fact of being hardworking is probably the most basic of these.

Article: The rocking chair boy

This is a story about how a teacher figured out what to do to include a student with ASD into her classroom and get him to learn and do his work.

Article: Autism after high school

With an ever-increasing number of students on the autism spectrum coming through the school pipeline, questions abound as to what they can do to build a life for themselves beyond school.

Article: An autistic child’s (artificially intelligent) best friend

How Siri, Apple’s “intelligent personal assistant” on the iPhone, is seemingly changing the interface of childhood imaginary friends.

Article: Flying under the radar: Girls and Women with Aspergers Syndrome

Many girls and women do not meet diagnostic criteria, as the criteria are based on the behavioural phenotype of boys. There exists a critical need for diagnostic criteria to reflect the female phenotype.