Autism NOW Webinar: It’s 2014! Are There Still Institutions Open in Your State?

This webinar brings together self-advocates and allies from several of the 13 states in the nation that have closed all institutions. Listen in as speakers discuss lessons learned and what the future holds.

HealthMeet® Webinar: Identifying and Improving Barriers to Healthcare for Individuals with IDD

Meg Traci, Ph.D., the Project Director of The Montana Disability and Health Program at The University of Montana Rural Institute, will be discussing the current barriers to receiving adequate healthcare.

HealthMeet® Webinar: Improving Seizure Outcomes Through Online Seizure Diaries

Rob Moss, the Co-Founder of, will share some of the tools and personalized reports the system can generate to help empower patients about their medical needs.

HealthMeet® Webinar: Seizures: Refractory Seizure Evaluation and Treatment in Adults with I/DD

The presentation will review various challenges associated with seizure disorders in adults with I/DD as well as the difficulties that also contribute to problems with diagnosis, testing, and therapies.

Autism NOW Webinar: Healthcare Transition for Youth with I/DD: A Review of Research, Policy and Next Steps

Samantha Crane, ASAN’s Director of Public Policy, discusses concepts from a recently released policy brief on addressing the health care needs of youth with autism and other developmental disabilities as they transition to adulthood.

HealthMeet® Webinar: Understanding Behavioral Changes in Adults with IDD and Dementia

This webinar will dive into the behavioral aspects of dementia in persons with I/DD.

HealthMeet® Webinar: Women Be Healthy: A Promising Intervention to Promote Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening for Women with ID

Susan Parish will discuss the prevalence of cervical and breast cancer screening in women with ID and why it is so important.

Autism NOW Webinar: The Affordable Care Act and the I/DD Community

This presentation will provide a broad overview of the ACA’s major provisions and the anticipated changes the ACA will bring over the course of the coming years.

HealthMeet® Webinar: Grief, Loss, and Hospice Care for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

This webinar offers an overview of hospice care, grief, grief support and how it can help individuals with intellectual disabilities cope during these difficult times.

Autism NOW Webinar: Taking Charge: Tips for Self-Advocates

The experience of self-managing your staff can be a rewarding one. Presenters from Self Advocates Becoming Empowered will discuss tips on how to be your own boss.