Typing to Communicate and Finding a Voice

By Kris Medina
Self-Advocate and member of the Vermont Facilitated Communication (FC) Task Force

Man Typing on KeyboardMy name is Kris Medina. I have been typing to communicate since third grade. I am part of a group call Vermont Facilitated Communication (FC) Task Force. To be able to communicate is a luxury, and it is a right not to be taken for granted. I’m trying to tell you all that without typing – I would be left without a voice.

I am proud to represent the FC Task Force we advocate for quality of life initiatives. It is quite troubling to see people not believe other people’s competence. I am for equal rights and I feel strongly about people being treated fairly. Please present open minded attitudes with everyone even if they can’t vocalize their thoughts.

Finding Purpose

I have found purpose being on the FC Task Force. It is the best feeling to be able to share my thoughts with like-minded intelligent people. I was very inspired by my friend Tracy Thresher when I was in high school because he is the man I aspire to be. I want a life with love, laughter and hope, and if I don’t have communication that is lost in the mist of longing for what we all deserve.

My life has been a happy one so far because my mom is my ally and fought for my right to communicate when I was young. Now I stand strong with my own voice. I was lucky to have time to work on my communication with Harvey Lavoy, and now I have a team of facilitators working with me so that I can be independent with my typing.

I hope you understand that because my supports are strong right now, I am able to work toward my life’s goals. Graduating from the University of Vermont with a degree in English felt amazing but I am ready for my next journey which is finding my dream job as a writer. My mighty typing finger is ready to go. See you all on the typing play grounds.

Kris Medina is a self-advocate with Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered and member of the Vermont Facilitated Communication (FC) Task Force. He has a degree in English from the University of Vermont.

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One thought on “Typing to Communicate and Finding a Voice

  1. hello Kris
    good to see your thoughts here and i am simply in agreement with you. the typing to communicate assumes that we are in too much of a strong partnership of sharing a nominal support system that some find puzzling. its great to hear about your journey to independent typing. it took me so long to accomp;lish that so i can understand your work.

    i too will have my degree in the next semester. someday we can speak to each other about the experience. say hello to Tracy and Harvey for me.
    your friend in life,
    jamie burke

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