Moving Through the Eyes of Autism

This is the story of Devon, told through Dance and Theatre. The premiere dance production is an evening length performance, in 3 acts, as told through the eyes of “Devon”.  The audience will be moved through the arc of “Devon’s “life. In this story, one will meet Devon, an individual with autism, where he is,…

My 28th Birthday

This last week, I turned 28. It was an eventful week of fun activities and memorable moments. I got to hang out with various family members and friends during the course of the week. Most importantly, I viewed my birthday as another new chapter in my life. On Friday, August 14th, I attended the Bruce…

My July 4th Weekend in Marshfield

This past weekend, I headed down to my beach house to Marshfield for the 4th of July weekend. I got to see many of my cousins and aunts and uncles, as well some friends of mine. The fireworks were very spectacular and a joy to see on this eventful weekend. I also had the opportunity to try new activities during the weekend.

The Emperor, C’est Moi

This is an excerpt from The Emperor, C’est Moi by Hugo Horiot. It is written by an individual with autism. It is a powerful story of a non-verbal individual, and how he thinks and lives in the verbal world of France. The word autism does not appear in the book. It is about differences, and…

Spring Awakening

By Scott Lentine This poem appeared originally on Scott’s blog and is reproduced with his permission. Flowers blossoming, snow melting It is time of the year of new beginnings To forget our winter woes And transition into spring clothes Getting ready for daylights savings and Easter March Madness and baseball as TV features More birthday…

Basic Reciprocal Conversation Skills: Listening (Part 1 of 5)

After all these years of observations, I’ve finally boiled having a reciprocal conversation down to five major things that need improvement.

My 27th Birthday Celebrations

Once we turned on the lights, I was greeted with thunderous applauses of “Surprise!!” by friends and even my cousin Matt. I then proceeded to greet all the guests and have snacks and a cake, as I patiently waited for the presents.

My Summer Aspirations

By Scott Lentine Reaching out, making connections Looking for friends and new directions Exploring new places and meeting people Moving forward and looking for life’s next sequel Beautiful beach weather with waves crashing on the shore Allows me to connect with nature My senses feel alive to the core And I relate to life’s basic…

How I Lost the Burden of Shame

My diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome brought me the gift of self-knowledge and set me free from the feeling of despair and shame that had held me in its grip. For the first time since childhood, I regained a sense of self-pride.

Sensory Issue Basics

Those who don’t have sensory issues aren’t as sensitive to the different triggers as those with Aspergers Syndrome, and can’t often believe they exist.