Why I Like Strings: Reflections on an ‘Aspie’ Habit

There are advantages and disadvantages to being on the “higher-functioning” end of the autism spectrum, as opposed to being on the “lower-functioning” end or being neurotypical. One of the advantages, for me personally, is that I have experienced the inner life of the spectrum while at the same time having an awareness of myself as being on the spectrum. I can therefore comment on things that could not be commented on otherwise.

What People Should Know About Me

People think of me as different and I know that’s true,

But in many ways, I can be just like you.

Dear Teacher

Autism doesn’t mean I’m less than. I’m creative and fun. I love to learn. I love to work. I promise to always give you my best…and I keep my promises.

Acceptance of Autism

Wanting to be free
Wanting to be me
Trying to make people see
And accept the real me

Bereavement and Autism: A Universal Experience with Unique Challenges

It is important for parents to prepare children for major life events, but one life event we all know will occur is bereavement and death and yet many of us are ill-prepared.

A Story

Awareness is not acceptance.

Being Autistic Among Those Who Aren’t

It’s time to accept that we don’t all fit the “normal” mold and use the potential we’ve wasted for 60+ years. Autistics have much to contribute; let us do it.

The Real Life Story of Charlie Threatt

The kid overpowered Charlie and slammed his face so hard to the ground it messed up his teeth structure. He was so terrified and thought he was going to die. This incident changed Charlie’s life forever.

Working People with Developmental Disabilities – A Novice’s Perspective

But I hope that we don’t cheat ourselves out of the opportunity this field gives us to become more human. It must never be said that people with disabilities do not contribute to society. Indeed, the people I know have taught me very well.

I am Loud

Talking about disabilities is okay. I want to tell people why I behave the way that I do.