Moving Through the Eyes of Autism

This is the story of Devon, told through Dance and Theatre. The premiere dance production is an evening length performance, in 3 acts, as told through the eyes of “Devon”.  The audience will be moved through the arc of “Devon’s “life. In this story, one will meet Devon, an individual with autism, where he is, and empower “Devon” to change the text of his own life, and thus become the effector of his story.

The story will be told through the use of the Northwest landscape and the Northwest Native American myth and symbol, through which Devon tells his story. It is a ballet that will also be filmed as a documentary. There will also be educational tools for teachers, parents and school districts to help broaden understanding of this increasingly prevalent reality for parents, educators and the entire community.

If you would like more information you can go to the website at or email at [email protected]

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