Moving Through the Eyes of Autism

This is the story of Devon, told through Dance and Theatre. The premiere dance production is an evening length performance, in 3 acts, as told through the eyes of “Devon”.  The audience will be moved through the arc of “Devon’s “life. In this story, one will meet Devon, an individual with autism, where he is,…

6 Tips for Surviving a Get-Together for Your Child with Autism & Sensory Needs

By Hallie Bulkin That get-together is around the corner and your anxiety levels are on the rise. As you anticipate what this event might be like for you and your child, you consider just skipping it. After all, that does seem easier, doesn’t it? If you want to attend that upcoming event but are unsure…

A Parent’s Introduction to Applied Behavioral Analysis

For the parents of a child with autism, the months after a diagnosis can be a difficult period of adjustment. The amount of new information can seem overwhelming at times. One of the terms parents will have to familiarize themselves with is ABA or Applied Behavioral Analysis. ABA refers to the study of how behavior…

My 28th Birthday

This last week, I turned 28. It was an eventful week of fun activities and memorable moments. I got to hang out with various family members and friends during the course of the week. Most importantly, I viewed my birthday as another new chapter in my life. On Friday, August 14th, I attended the Bruce…

Go Jonathan!

My youngest brother Jonathan has evolved into a gifted runner and a tremendous athlete. He’s an amazingly inspiring marathon runner who shows me strength and courage everyday… and oh yea, he happens to be autistic.

Becoming Whole: A Sibling’s Story

Standing in solidarity with Willie is the boldest statement I can make. I’m saying: not only is my brother worthy of love and belonging, not only is he uniquely gifted…he’s akin to me, and he’s my friend.

Things My Sibling Taught Me

Growing up with a brother or sister with autism creates the potential for a unique family experience. During an interview study with young adult siblings of people with autism spectrum disorders, participants were asked to reflect on what they gained from their sibling experience. Overwhelmingly, the sibling participants described feeling a sense of maturity.

The Acceptance Letter

One day, in case you ever feel like knowing more about how you light up our world, I am building a digital hope chest of words for you to read or hear. People say it doesn’t matter what I write. You won’t understand. Ever. But I believe in my heart when it is time to read or hear this, you will.

Growing up with Plato

Many people ask me what it was like growing up with a brother with classic autism. Well, I tell them, “When I was younger the world was a very different place. Back then, very few people knew about autism and only a handful had any clue on how to treat it.”