The First Autism NOW Center Regional Summit: A Parent’s Perspective

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June 1, 2011 Prism Newsletter
By Jaime Langdon

The DC Autism Now Regional Summit was the most enriching experience we have had in a long time. We came as parents to gain more knowledge and perspective for our daughter Jazmyn, and we left with much more.

One of the things at the summit that really touched me was the self-advocates standing up for themselves and educating others about topics they care about. By meeting these self-advocates and seeing their success in their own jobs or in other leadership positions in the community, I was able to gain more perspective for my own daughter, who with autism. I also really enjoyed the self-advocates facilitating and leading several of the breakout sessions.

Positive for Change

It also felt so good to attend this summit because the tone and summit felt positive for a change. I really felt welcomed and loved as part of a big extended family, and everyone was very courteous and nice. This means so much because parents are often living with so many different stresses or challenges. Also, this positive tone made me feel very good and feel like the team at Autism NOW will continue to try to make strides to provide information and resources that can help change the future for my daughter and ones that will come after her.

For my husband and I, this weekend was very relaxing, beneficial, and therapeutic. I’m so thankful and appreciative of all this summit did for my family.

Thank you to Autism NOW for a great weekend. We will definitely spread the word about this summit!

Jaime Langdon is a parent of a child with autism and President of the National Autism Association of Maryland – Eastern Shore.

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  1. You are a great, strong mohter .I feel and understand you and your family .I also have a 14yr old Autistic brother Its not easy but we will never give up .thank you for posting your videos.

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