A Parent’s Introduction to Applied Behavioral Analysis

For the parents of a child with autism, the months after a diagnosis can be a difficult period of adjustment. The amount of new information can seem overwhelming at times. One of the terms parents will have to familiarize themselves with is ABA or Applied Behavioral Analysis. ABA refers to the study of how behavior…

My 28th Birthday

This last week, I turned 28. It was an eventful week of fun activities and memorable moments. I got to hang out with various family members and friends during the course of the week. Most importantly, I viewed my birthday as another new chapter in my life. On Friday, August 14th, I attended the Bruce…

Autism and sensory children

Wouldn’t it be nice that instead of having your child’s sensory issue push him/her away from companion, that it can actually be the trigger for company?

A Parent’s Perspective: Housing

In this interview, Claudia Pringles shares her family’s experience with choosing a suitable living arrangement for her daughter and offers tips to other parents who are interested in exploring housing options.


He was phenomenal. He looked incredible in his costume that I made for him. He knew every word of every line. He didn’t falter once. He didn’t freak out over the crowd or the noise or the flashes of the camera. Last night was a night I never thought would happen after his diagnosis of autism shortly before he turned three.

The Acceptance Letter

One day, in case you ever feel like knowing more about how you light up our world, I am building a digital hope chest of words for you to read or hear. People say it doesn’t matter what I write. You won’t understand. Ever. But I believe in my heart when it is time to read or hear this, you will.

The First Autism NOW Center Regional Summit: A Parent’s Perspective

The DC Autism Now Regional Summit was the most enriching experience we have had in a long time. We came as parents to gain more knowledge and perspective for our daughter Jazmyn, and we left with much more.

Focus on Where You’re Heading

The feeling of success for my family varies from day to day. Our family life has been a journey with many ups and downs; however, it is important to focus on where you are heading and not where you have been. I see my family on a path to a bright future of success!