Conference: 2014 Family Network on Disabilities Conference

The 2014 Family Network On Disabilities Conference, titled Stand-up to Bullying, will tackle this important issue while providing strategies designed to stop bullying in its tracks!

Autism NOW Webinar: Learning How to Give & Understand Consent

It may be challenging for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to recognize non-verbal cues; therefore, giving consent and understanding personal boundaries in romantic relationships may be difficult.

Autism NOW Webinar: The Autism Society’s Safe and Sound™ Initiative

Register for this webinar and find out more about what The Autism Society of America is doing to promote the safety and well-being of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities!

Autism NOW Webinar: Be SAFE: Promoting Safety for People with Intellectual & Cognitive Disabilities

In this webinar, Emily Iland, the Vice President of the Autism Society of Los Angeles, presented information and tools to raise awareness about safety and to help people with autism or other developmental disabilities feel safer in the community.

Autism NOW Webinar: Bullying: What to Know and How to Help Prevent It!

Listen in as our Co-Director Amy Goodman discusses the different forms of bullying, laws designed to protect individuals from being victims of bullies, and strategies that may help prevent bullying or stop it once it occurs!

Autism NOW Webinar: Preparing for Fires and Other Emergencies

This webinar will bring together experts from organizations that focus on emergency preparedness and safety planning for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Autism NOW Webinar: We Are No Longer Silent

This presentation will focus on a topic that is often left out of the mainstream dialogue on autism and disability rights.

Autism NOW Webinar: Sex and Relationships – How Do I Figure This Out?

When a person is in a sexual relationship, there are many questions that people may have and need to think about.

Autism NOW Webinar: Autism & Online Dating

Online dating is a topic that often generates a lot of questions from participants who attend our dating and relationships webinars.