Autism NOW Webinar: Autism & Online Dating

Autism & Online Dating

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Online dating is a topic that often generates a lot of questions from participants who attend our dating and relationships webinars. Parents, professionals and self-advocates all want to know how to safely and confidently approach and maintain online relationships. Fortunately, we are dedicating a webinar specifically to online dating! Join us to learn more!

Time: Tuesday, August 14, 2012, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EST
Speaker: Leah Grantham, Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Leah Grantham will draw from her own experiences with online dating and relationships to explain different ways that young adults with autism or other developmental disabilities can approach online dating while being mindful of their safety, mental health, and personal and social boundaries. Leah will also explain the different ways of handling online dating: how to build up a “baloney detector” to recognize when you’re being lied to; how to approach the first “real life/meet-space” meet-up; and how to maintain a relationship or break it off safely and confidently.

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