Autism NOW Webinar: Health Care Decision-Making

This webinar will discuss strategies to provide people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the support they need in order to make their own health care decisions.

Join the Twitter Chat!

Please join us and the CDC for a Twitter Chat on the public health approach to autism being hosted by Dr. Coleen Boyle (@DrBoyleCDC), and the American Academy of Pediatrics (@AmerAcadPeds). Participate using hashtag #AutismPHGR

Autism NOW Webinar: Disability-based Discrimination in Organ Transplantation

Samantha Crane provides an overview of the history of disability-based discrimination in organ transplantation and discusses ways in which people with disabilities and others can help ensure that all people have access to lifesaving care.

Autism NOW Webinar: The Use of Medical Procedures that Violate Civil Rights

Join Max Barrows, Diane Coleman and David Carlson for this webinar to become more aware of these issues and how to help ensure the protection of the civil and human rights of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities!

Autism NOW Webinar: How To Date Like a Pro

Join us for a webinar from Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered that focuses on dating, sex and relationships for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities!

Autism NOW Webinar: Service Implications of the DSM-5 for People with Autism

In this webinar, the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) will discuss the various revisions to the autism diagnostic criteria in the DSM-5, along with the service provision implications.

Autism NOW Webinar: We Are No Longer Silent

This presentation will focus on a topic that is often left out of the mainstream dialogue on autism and disability rights.

Autism NOW Webinar: Sex and Relationships – How Do I Figure This Out?

When a person is in a sexual relationship, there are many questions that people may have and need to think about.

Autism NOW Webinar: Autism & Online Dating

Online dating is a topic that often generates a lot of questions from participants who attend our dating and relationships webinars.

Autism NOW Webinar: Healthcare Transition for Youth with I/DD: A Review of Research, Policy and Next Steps

Samantha Crane, ASAN’s Director of Public Policy, discusses concepts from a recently released policy brief on addressing the health care needs of youth with autism and other developmental disabilities as they transition to adulthood.