Fact Sheets

Autism NOW Center’s fact sheets on topics of importance to people with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities are a resource you and your family members can use to get information in an easy-to-read and understand format.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Every state has a vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency that is designed to help individuals with disabilities meet their employment goals. Vocational rehabilitation agencies assist individuals with disabilities to prepare for, get, keep or regain employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation Program

The Vocational Rehabilitation program is a federally funded program that assists people with disabilities to prepare for, obtain, or regain employment. They provide a wide range of assessment, training, placement and other services.

Transition Planning for Job Opportunities

A motivating factor for schools and community providers to provide evidence-based transition practices for all students, including students with autism spectrum disorders or other developmental disabilities, stems from growing evidence that more needs to be done to ensure that young adults are prepared to pursue meaningful work in the 21st century workplace.

Ticket to Work

Anyone who received a Ticket to Work from Social Security can take it to an employment network to obtain employment services, vocational rehabilitation services, or other support services that lead to integrated employment in the general labor market.

One-Stop Centers

One-stop centers, federally funded agencies that provide a variety of services to help people with or without disabilities with their training and employment needs, are required to operate in each local service delivery area in every state in the union.

What Do We Mean by Employment?

Employment can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For most people, employment means having an integrated job in the community, which means a job just like everyone else has. Some people are also exploring other options like self employment or owning your own business.

What do People Mean When They Talk About Employment and Day Services?

Generally, employment services are supplied by community rehabilitation providers or employment support providers that contract with state agencies. Employment services come in different varieties.

Employment Glossary

A glossary of terms, focused on employment issues.

Planning for Employment Introduction

It is clear that just like all of us, people with disabilities, including ASD, can benefit from employment. Individuals across the spectrum can work when they find the right job match and when appropriate and individualized supports are built in.