Grief and Bereavement

In this interview, Elizabeth Graham provides some additional information about bereavement and offers advice to family members and individuals with ASD.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a research-based health care profession that uses music to help clients reach their therapeutic goals. Ok, that sounds interesting, but what exactly does that mean? Let’s take a closer look.

Frequently Asked Questions about Special Needs Trusts

James McCarten from the Special Needs Alliance provides an overview of special needs trusts.

You, Empowered: Starting an Autism Initiative in the Local Community

When she walked in my office I could tell that she was going to speak her mind. She was passionate and pushy, but she had the right to be. She knew what it is like to raise a child with autism, and she was sitting across from me demanding more from our community.

The Journey from Struggle to Strength

Throughout the nation, parents of children with autism and other developmental disabilities face many struggles navigating the array of information and service systems available to them.

National Advisory Committee Update

On March 16, 2011, Autism NOW chaired the first meeting of the National Advisory Committee.

A Year of Hope, Inspiration and Empowerment

Over the last 12 months Autism NOW has given hope to more than a million people and the public has turned to the National Autism Resource and Information Center for information, referral services and empowerment.

Raising Awareness on Technology Options for People with Autism

I’ll be honest: I have an agenda. That agenda is to raise the awareness and use of technology options and solutions for people with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families.

Typing to Communicate and Finding a Voice

In the words of Kris, “To be able to communicate is a luxury, and it is a right not to be taken for granted. I’m trying to tell you all that without typing – I would be left without a voice.”