Research Article: Transition Planning for Students With Intellectual Disability, Autism, or Other Disabilities: Data from the National Longitudinal Transition Study-2

To compare the status of transition planning for students with intellectual disability, autism, or other disabilities, we used data from the National Longitudinal Transition Study-2, a federally funded, national study of the secondary and postschool experiences of students with disabilities.

Research Article: Sleep Problems and Early Developmental Delay: Implications for Early Intervention Programs

The authors review evidence of sleep problems’ broader impact across the range of children screened for early intervention.

Research Article: Cervical and Breast Cancer–screening Knowledge of Women with Developmental Disabilities

The present study examined the extent of women’s knowledge about cervical and breast cancer screening, with the intention of informing the development and testing of interventions to increase cervical and breast cancer screening rates for these women.

Research Article: Neurodiversity: Autism Pride Among Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

This article explicates the concept of neurodiversity and places it within the context of autism spectrum disorders advocacy and treatments.

Research Article: Implementation of Job Development Practices

We investigated the extent to which employment consultants implemented job development practices recommended in the literature when assisting job seekers with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Research Article: Shared Decision Making: Improving Care for Children with Autism

We assessed the extent to which parents of children with autism spectrum disorder report that they are engaged in shared decision making.

Research Article: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Quality of Health Care Among Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

We examined racial and ethnic disparities in quality of care for children with autism and other developmental disabilities and whether disparities varied for children with autism compared to children with other developmental disabilities.

Research Article: Strategies for Organizational Change from Group Homes to Individualized Supports

Organizations are increasingly looking to convert from facility-based services for adults with developmental disabilities to individualized supports. Such conversion involves not only a change in services but a transformation of organizational culture.

Research Article: Understanding Differences in Neurotypical and Autism Spectrum Special Interests Through Internet Forums

The current study investigated differences in the content, number, and specificity of the special interests held by adult individuals with autism spectrum disorder and neurotypical individuals, using Internet discussion forums as a data source.

Research Article: Support Needs of Siblings of People with Developmental Disabilities

This qualitative study examines the support needs of adult siblings of people with developmental disabilities.