Academic: Scholarships for individuals with autism

The following six scholarships are intended for individuals with autism.  They were donated by Black Wynn Personal Injury Lawyers, the Feldman Law Firm, the Kelly Law Team, the Law Office of David P. Shapiro, RJT Criminal Defense, and Dentistry by John Barras. Details of the scholarships can be found at:\…

Academic Research: The National Autism Indicators Report Series

Website: Employment is about more than simply earning a paycheck – it influences quality of life, independence, and wellness. Historically, employment outcomes for adults with autism are poor. The U.S. Vocational Rehabilitation system (VR) is designed to provide support to states for implementation of services to assist people with disabilities to prepare for, find, and…

Research Article: Investigating the Use of Circles in Social Networks to Support Independence of Individuals with Autism

This article examines that benefits and challenges of a social network service that allows young adults with autism to garner support from their family and friends.

Research Article: James Madison University: Risk of Maltreatment for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This research article discusses the prevalence of maltreatment for children on the autism spectrum; specific risks; prevention and intervention techniques; and why ASD may increase risk for maltreatment.

Research Brief: What are the trend employment outcomes of youth with autism: 2006-2010?

This article focuses on a study that observed the transition to employment for people with autism who were 16 to 26 years old and unemployed.

Research Article: Social Integration in Employment Settings: Application of Intergroup Contact Theory

This study used a survey of 106 employment specialists to test the ability of intergroup contact theory to explain social integration outcomes of employees with disabilities.

Research Article: Romantic Relationships and Interpersonal Violence Among Adults With Developmental Disabilities

The purpose of this study was to explore dating and romantic relationships among these adults and to identify the nature and extent of interpersonal violence in their relationships.

Research Article: “It’s Our Job”: Qualitative Study of Family Responses to Ableism

Parents discussed how they, the child with the disability, and the siblings addressed community perceptions about the child’s disability.

Research Article: Factors Associated With the Early Work Experiences of Adolescents With Severe Disabilities

The early work experiences of a nationally representative sample of youth with severe disabilities (i.e., intellectual disabilities, autism, multiple disabilities) were examined.

Research Article: Disability Identity of Leaders in the Self-Advocacy Movement

Life stories and perspectives of leaders in the self-advocacy movement were explored to enhance knowledge about disability identity formation.