It’s a New Year – Now What?

January 12, 2012 Prism Newsletter
By Tonia Ferguson

The holiday decorations have been taken down; lots of money spent; and plenty of food eaten. Families have headed home, and personal resolutions have been made. Now, we at the Autism NOW Center ask ourselves “now what”? Is this year going to be the same as last year? Our answer is NO!

This year, Autism NOW will continue to work at its goal to positively affect the lives of others and to provide information and resources for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, their families, professionals, and other stakeholders. We will be working to further our reach this year by placing a greater emphasis on improving the quality and quantity of material on our website and translating and outreaching to wider and more diverse audiences. In this edition of our newsletter, you find articles on a few topics that Autism NOW Staff will be focusing on this year to help empower people to take greater control over their lives.

Even though we will be working hard this year, we need you to help us provide the strength in numbers to really achieve our goal and impact the lives of people with ASD and their loved ones. So, we encourage you to continue to visit our website,, to check out our ever-expanding resources and information, and to log into our webinar every Tuesday at 2:00 PM (EST) to hear topics from people dedicated to providing needed and critical information about ASD and other developmental disabilities.

We also ask that you take the next step by joining us on social networking channels. For a large percentage of the public, connection is made through chatting with others about key issues in the ASD and developmental disability community on social media. By joining the Autism NOW on Facebook and Twitter and discussing key topics and issues that you would like to know more about, you can help us build that sense of community for individuals with ASD and other developmental disabilities, their families, caregivers, and professionals in the field.

You have made our past a success, and we know that each of you can help us achieve our goal of impacting the lives of people with ASD and their loved ones this year. We hope you all of you have a great 2012 and that you fulfill all your own personal resolutions both great and small. I know we will achieve ours because of all of your support!

Tonia Ferguson is the Director of the Autism NOW Center.

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