Autism NOW Answer Series #43: Dating and ASD

Here is the forty-third video in our Autism NOW Answer Series, embedded below. The previous videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Give it a watch and think of what questions about autism and other developmental disabilities you want answered. You can ask us by filling out our simple form. We look forward to your questions!

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Date posted: October 8, 2015. Content created by The Autism NOW Center. Last updated: March 21, 2018.

One thought on “Autism NOW Answer Series #43: Dating and ASD

  1. I date a girl that has a child with autism , my grandson is autistic Both jewels! I have multiple scorosis and have learned about disabilities the hard way! I want to help by opening a store for autism awerness ! I currently can’t work as I limp badly ! Is there such a store in nh for people to visit? I would also set up donations to make the public awareness more noticible for the general public to help all requiring help! Any suggestions? Thanks ahead of time. Sincerly JohnRuggiero When I could walk ok I work for a large 7 Building company for 27 years. Came to a abrubt halt last October! I want to help!!