I think some of the most important lessons learned will be the ones that I learned from Tony; how he grew and how he helped my son grow as well. He’s never met my son, but maybe one day they will meet. My son and I are very grateful for the lessons he taught him through me.

Self-Determination and Quality of Life

It took a lot of work to get to where I am today but because I was able to self-advocate and take some risks, I now have a career and a life of my own.

Better Living Through Prosthetic Brain Parts

The following excerpt is from “Navigating College: A Handbook on Self-Advocacy Written for Autistic Students from Autistic Adults.” This handbook, produced by the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and the Autism NOW Center, offers tips and suggestions about various issues that people with autism and other developmental disabilities may encounter in college.

Outstanding Advocate of the Year

This is an award that means a lot to me because it is proof that all my hard work and dedication to my profession has paid off, and that individuals do appreciate me.

National Convention Preconference Dedicated to Self Advocacy

The Arc’s annual National Convention kicks off August 3, 2013 with a preconference dedicated to fostering self-advocacy among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Living My Dream: A Panel Discussion

If Thomas Edison had given up on his dream, where would we be? Answer: In the dark. He tried 350 different ways to make the light bulb work. It’s not a failure; it’s just another way that doesn’t work. Try, try, and try again until you succeed. It just takes time and patience because it doesn’t happen overnight.

I am Loud

Talking about disabilities is okay. I want to tell people why I behave the way that I do.

Can’t You See

Through this poem, Scott Lentine, a young man with autism, shares his goals and dreams.

Accommodating Ourselves

One of the skills I have found most valuable is being able to accommodate myself in most environments.

Cooking and Gaining Independence

I am looking to have more independence as I get older. Cooking helps me with that.