My July 4th Weekend in Marshfield

This past weekend, I headed down to my beach house to Marshfield for the 4th of July weekend. I got to see many of my cousins and aunts and uncles, as well some friends of mine. The fireworks were very spectacular and a joy to see on this eventful weekend. I also had the opportunity to try new activities during the weekend.

My San Diego Trip

During the last week, I went with my brother Brian and his girlfriend Amanda to visit San Diego. There, we met with our cousin Chris, who is a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton and lives in nearby Carlsbad. We got to see various attractions in the city, such as The San Diego Zoo, Potato Chip Rock in the mountains of Poway, the beaches of Coronado, Pacific Beach, and La Jolla, and other sites.

My 27th Birthday Celebrations

Once we turned on the lights, I was greeted with thunderous applauses of “Surprise!!” by friends and even my cousin Matt. I then proceeded to greet all the guests and have snacks and a cake, as I patiently waited for the presents.

Memorial Day, Fun Traditions for All!

Every Memorial Day, families and communities across the nation take time to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation. It was originally known as “Decoration Day” as graves were often decorated. Today, the tradition continues by having parades, concerts, displaying a flag, or visiting the National Memorials.

Who’s Ready for BBQ?

Memorial Day is coming up and your child is invited to a cookout with lots of food; however, if he/she has certain dietary restrictions, this may be a source of stress and anxiety. If your child has special dietary needs, what do you do?

Planning for Summer Fun

School’s out and summer is in! The month of May flew by with Mother’s Day being the highlight for many; now, June is here and Father’s Day is quickly approaching.

Vacation Planning Tips for Parents

As summer begins, most people begin thinking about the dreaded v-word — vacation. While vacations can be wonderful ways to spend time with family and enjoy new adventures and experiences, worrying about where to go, how to effectively plan, and how to deal with people and unexpected events on trips can cause parents to feel overwhelmed.