Fact Sheet: Center for Future Planning

By creating a future plan, parents can effectively organize their thoughts about what their son or daughter wants and what they would like for their child’s future; work with legal, financial, and other experts to provide for their child’s needs; and describe the plan to others who need to know.

Article: Disability Scoop: Pets May Boost Social Skills In Kids With Autism

Researchers say in a new study, that individuals with autism or ASD will be more likely to speak if there is a pet in the house.

Article: YaleNews: Siblings of children with autism can show signs at 18 months

A new study by Yale School of Medicine researchers has found that 57% of these younger siblings who later develop the condition already showed symptoms at age 18 months.

Toolkit: Accessing Home and Community-Based Services: A Guide for Self Advocates

Accessing Home and Community-Based Services: A Guide for Self Advocates is a tool designed to help people with disabilities, families, and friends find and use resources that are available.

Article: Exceptional Parent: Planning Ahead For When Your Special Child Turns 18

This article from a March 2010 issue of Exceptional Parent discusses topics that parents may want to consider as children with I/DD approach the age of 18.

Article: Exceptional Parent: Government Benefits for Children with Special Needs

This article from a July 2012 issue of Exceptional Parent provides a list of program that the federal government offers to individuals with disabilities and their families.

Article: UC Davis MIND Institute: Atypical development in the siblings of children with autism is detectable at 12 months

This article discusses the results of a 2014 study which found that close to half of the younger siblings of children with ASD develop in an atypical fashion.

Video: The Rhythm Tree: Music Therapy and Autism

Ryan Judd presents a social story that can be used to teach individuals with autism social skills such as active listening and respecting personal space.

Guide: Vanderbilt Kennedy Center: Taking the Work Out of Blood Work: Helping Your Child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder – A Parent’s Guide

This is a resource for physicians and parents of children with autism to better prepare for blood draws and other routine medical procedures.

Guide: Vanderbilt Kennedy Center: No-Tech and Low-Tech AAC for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

This guide offers a brief overview of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).