Webinar: First Steps in Future Planning

Expressing future wishes and financial planning are first steps in creating a plan for the future that will allow for a person with I/DD to live as independently as possible.

Autism NOW Webinar: Introduction to the Sibling Support Project

Featuring Don Meyer, director of the Sibling Support Project.

Autism NOW Webinar: Autism NOW Sibling Panel

A Discussion with Siblings of people with autism or other developmental disabilities about their experiences and hopes.

Autism NOW Webinar: Debunking Myths About Parents With Disabilities

In this webinar, self-advocate leaders described myths around parents with disabilities. They also then provided suggestions for parents with disabilities on how to raise children and work with Child Protective Services, when necessary.

Autism NOW Webinar: Learning How to Give & Understand Consent

It may be challenging for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to recognize non-verbal cues; therefore, giving consent and understanding personal boundaries in romantic relationships may be difficult.

Autism NOW Webinar: Personal Space while Sharing a Space

Listen in to learn more about setting up boundaries, negotiating personal space, handling common issues that may arise, and enabling one’s independence through the help of others!

Autism NOW Webinar: How To Date Like a Pro

Join us for a webinar from Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered that focuses on dating, sex and relationships for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities!

Autism NOW Webinar: Meeting, Making, and Keeping Friends and Connections

In this webinar, Andee Joyce will offer a glimpse into the mind of an individual with autism! She will draw from her own experiences to discuss the thoughts and emotions that a person with autism may experience during social situations.

Autism NOW Webinar: The Importance of Including Siblings in Family Future Planning

Join speakers from the Sibling Leadership Network to learn more about future planning for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities and how all siblings can contribute to this process!

Autism NOW Webinar: Sex and Relationships – How Do I Figure This Out?

When a person is in a sexual relationship, there are many questions that people may have and need to think about.