Helping Individuals with Disabilities during Emergency Situations

Individuals with autism and other disabilities may act differently in an emergency situation due to sensory challenges; therefore, their behavior should not be interpreted as threatening.


Unfortunately, we’re learning though a number of reports and studies that people living with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities face more unsafe situations compared with their non-disabled peers. Ignoring discussions about safety issues will not serve us well.

Find Help During the Holidays with Hotlines

Most people look to the holiday season with excitement: seeing family, giving and receiving presents, attending family traditions, and going to holiday parties. However, for someone who has recently experienced loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a divorce, or illness, the holidays can be a sad and anxiety-ridden time.

Be Prepared

I am sure everyone has heard the Girl Scout’s motto, “Be Prepared”. National disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake tornadoes and even windstorms affect thousands of people every year. In these instances, you must be able to be prepared beforehand so you can protect yourself, your family, and community.

Emergency Preparedness Tips from SABE

Have you given any thought on what you would do if a disaster occurred? As a person with Autism, what accommodations do you need to prepare for ahead of a disaster?

Preparedness for Individuals Who Tend to Wander or Flee

When winter comes, people often try to prepare themselves for the cold weather, snow, and any potential emergencies that can go along with bad weather.