Individualized Education Programs

The Individualized Education Program or IEP is a written statement describing a child with a disability’s learning goals and the supports that the school will provide to help the child achieve those goals. IEPs were first mandated under Education of All Handicapped Children Act in 1975 – now called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Dating and Relationships

People living with an autism spectrum disorder still desire friendships and relationships. However, people who have disabilities often have trouble forming relationships for a variety of reasons.


So many people with disabilities dream of getting married, but like everyone else with the same dream, challenges can arise. Resources include real-life stories of individuals with developmental disabilities on their paths to marriage.


Many individuals with autism spectrum disorder do get married, but like everyone else, sometimes relationships end. This section discusses the laws, as well as offers advice, support resources and more.


Individuals with disorders on the autism spectrum may find it difficult to engage with people with whom they would like to be friends. This social relationship can be very important in people’s lives, and there are many ways to learn about starting, maintaining and building long-lasting friendships.

Accessibility for Individuals with Autism

Everyone should have the chance to live their lives to their fullest, including individuals with disabilities. Yet some face accessibility challenges in their jobs, schools and within their communities. Individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities have rights under a number of federal acts.