Research on Aging with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Issues and Progress

Young people diagnosed today can look forward to aging more successfully than those in past generations. Earlier diagnosis, early intervention services, more targeted educational programs, and better information and support will likely have a significant impact on aging outcomes.

Transition Planning and College for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

When a student with ASD plans to transition from high school to the college setting, transitional goals should be in place during high school and afterwards.

Leisure Time and Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This brief focuses on four articles, published in 2011, that focus on leisure activities for young people with ASD.

Stigmatization of People with Autism Spectrum Disorders

People with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) may experience high levels of stigmatization within society. Negative interactions with others might include direct confrontations like bullying, or less obvious forms like discrimination.

Arts-based Interventions for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Arts-based interventions may be particularly effective for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Several studies published in 2011 looked at the effects of theater- and music-based interventions. This brief focuses on four of these articles.

Post-Transition Services, Activities, and Relationships for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Transition from high school to adulthood is hard for any young adult. Activities after high school can affect future quality of life. For young adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), this time period may be even more difficult.

Children with Special Health Care Needs

This article introduces you to the The Children with Special Health Care Needs program, how to apply and basic eligibility criteria.

Accessing Developmental Disabilities Services for Adults

Many young adults with developmental disabilities want what most young adults want: economic stability, to belong to a community, pursue their interest, get their own place and do meaningful work. Levels of supports, benefits and services can vary from state to state. Families and individuals need to know how to access what is needed.

Parent and Adult Communities

In recent years, Autism Awareness has created a lot of knowledge in the general public. As more awareness grows, it’s only natural for more people to be diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.