Autism NOW Webinar: Disability-based Discrimination in Organ Transplantation

Samantha Crane provides an overview of the history of disability-based discrimination in organ transplantation and discusses ways in which people with disabilities and others can help ensure that all people have access to lifesaving care.

Autism NOW Webinar: Voting and Youth!

With the 2012 Presidential Election coming up in November, it is important to make sure that your voice is heard!

Autism NOW Webinar: The Use of Medical Procedures that Violate Civil Rights

Join Max Barrows, Diane Coleman and David Carlson for this webinar to become more aware of these issues and how to help ensure the protection of the civil and human rights of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities!

Autism NOW Webinar: We’ve Got the Power!

In this time of rapid change and challenges, people with autism and other developmental disabilities and their families becoming engaged in the political process has never been more important.

Autism NOW Webinar: It’s 2014! Are There Still Institutions Open in Your State?

This webinar brings together self-advocates and allies from several of the 13 states in the nation that have closed all institutions. Listen in as speakers discuss lessons learned and what the future holds.