Video: A Teen’s Guide to Autism

This video, geared towards teens, offers an overview of autism. It explains what autism is, its prevalence, and common characteristics of people with autism.

Video: PACER Center: Special Education: What Do Parents Need to Know?

This video is intended to help parents understand what special education is, how a child may become eligible for special education, and how parents can effectively contribute to their child’s education.

Video: Inclusion Network: Values of Inclusion

This video is of a presentation offered by Heather Simmons at the Down Under Institute in Sydney. Simmons discusses the importance of living an inclusive life and the values associated with inclusion.

Multimedia: Feeling Safe, Being Safe

This online training is designed to help individuals create an emergency plan, put together a personal emergency kit, and connect to community members and neighbors.

Multimedia: ADA National Network – Overview of Disability Rights Laws

This free, self-paced web course is designed to help viewers gain a general understanding of the major federal disability laws.

Multimedia: Partners in Policymaking – E-Learning Courses

The goal of Partners in Policymaking is to educate participants to be active partners with those who are policymakers.

Multimedia: Yale University: Introduction to Yale’s Autism Seminar

Introduction to Yale’s Autism Seminar is a free on-line, undergraduate course for anyone who desires to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Multimedia: I Am Autistic Television Show

This television show is dedicated to the autism community.

Multimedia: Division TEACCH

This presentation, by Mesibov for the Southern Legislative Congress, provides information about Division TEACCH, a program that assists individuals with autism and their families.

Multimedia: The LEAP Model of Early Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

This webinar discusses the results of a five year study in which Dr. Strain and colleagues explore the effects of implementing the LEAP Preschool Model.