Easter Seals Midwest

Easter Seals Midwest is a not-for-profit, registered 501(c)(3) organization that is committed to helping individuals with developmental disabilities – including autism – learn, live, work and participate in the community. Easter Seals Midwest employs more than 1,400 staff members, operates a budget of $50 million and delivers services to more than 4,000 individuals across the…

Self Esteem Education and Development in Sexuality (SEEDS)

SEEDS is a non-profit organization that assists people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in building meaningful relationships with others.

Indiana Resource Center for Autism

The Indiana Resource Center for Autism (IRCA) at Indiana University conducts outreach training and consultations, engages in research, and develops and disseminates information to organizations, agencies, and families. Its website contains state-specific information on various topics such as services, support groups, events, education and more.

The Autism Project

The Autism Project, led by a group of parents and professionals, works to educate parents and caregivers on best practices for supporting individuals with autism; trains teachers, speech therapists and other professionals; and offers direct services to individuals with autism as well as support services to their families. Its websites offers information and resources on…

Autism Action Partnership

Autism Action Partnership, in collaboration with its community partners, provides direct support for individuals diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum and their families.

Exceptional Parents Unlimited (EPU)

The mission of Exceptional Parents Unlimited (EPU) is to strengthen and empower children and families facing extraordinary medical, developmental, and parenting challenges.

Parents Allied with Children & Teachers for Tomorrow (PACTT)

PACTT is a non-profit social service agency in Illinois that provides comprehensive, person-centered programs for individuals with autism.

Autism Community Network of El Paso

This non-profit organization provides training, advocacy and support for individuals with autism and their family members. It conducts monthly meetings, events and activities for the entire family. Its website offers up-to-date information on events, resources, medical providers, and trainings throughout El Paso.

Lake Washington School District Transition Academy

This academy is a community-based program for students with developmental disabilities. The academy prepares students to work and live in the community after their graduation. This academy tries to promote a personalized transition planning process for each student; encouraged students and their families to make connections with adult services and supports; focuses on community and…


MassWorks is a website that provides information about employment-related issues that impact the lives of people with autism and other developmental disabilities. Topics available on this site include accommodations, assistive technologies, legal issues, career planning, job seeker resources, benefits and subsidies, and job coaching. Information is primarily designed for professionals who provide employment services and…