Autism NOW Webinar: Autistic Workers Negotiating the World of Employment

Autistic Workers Negotiating the World of Employment!

The registration for this webinar is closed, and it is now only available on-demand.

Register for another one of our FREE webinars and learn more about employment as Andee Joyce, a self-advocate who is on the autism spectrum, discusses various topics relating to employment and speaks about her personal experience when it comes to the world of work!

There are many people with autism and other developmental disabilities who have the desire to work. In fact, many of these individuals CAN work if they have the appropriate accommodations and supports. Join us for a discussion of what that might entail, for both people with autism seeking employment and for the people who employ them. Our speaker will address topics such as:

  • accommodations and supports
  • vocational rehabilitation
  • disclosure
  • job interviewing and more!

Time: Tuesday, June 5, 2012, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EST
Speaker: Andee Joyce, Autistic Self Advocacy Network Chapter Lead of Portland, Oregon

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