National Advisory Committee Update

On March 16, 2011, Autism NOW chaired the first meeting of the National Advisory Committee.

The Journey from Struggle to Strength

Throughout the nation, parents of children with autism and other developmental disabilities face many struggles navigating the array of information and service systems available to them.

Focus on Where You’re Heading

The feeling of success for my family varies from day to day. Our family life has been a journey with many ups and downs; however, it is important to focus on where you are heading and not where you have been. I see my family on a path to a bright future of success!

Autism, Awareness and Acceptance

Autism Awareness Month is a time for learning about autism and introducing others to new concepts and ideas.

The DD Act’s Self-Determination Principles

The role of The Arc’s Research and Innovations in the Autism NOW Center is one that provides vision, connections to others in the autism and disability communities, and helps to generate connections to resources and others that are interested in autism and other intellectual and developmental disability issues.

A Chance to Connect

I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with the Autism NOW Center.

Just Imagine

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