Combating Autism Reauth Act Introduced in Senate

On Friday, Senators Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ) introduced the Combating Autism Reauthorization Act (S. 4044).

If enacted, the bill would reauthorize the 2006 law and add several new provisions that focus on services for children, youth, and adults, including a provision similar to the TRAIN Act (H.R. 5756) passed by the House of Representatives on September 23. The bill also repeals the sunset provisions that would end the newly authorized programs by September of 2011.  It is highly unlikely for enactment by the 111th Congress, buy Sen. Dodd introduced the bill to build support for this Act and provide momentum for the next Congress.

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Date posted: December 21, 2010. Content created by The Autism NOW Center. Last updated: March 21, 2018.

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