Fact Sheets

Autism NOW Center’s fact sheets on topics of importance to people with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities are a resource you and your family members can use to get information in an easy-to-read and understand format.

Transition Planning for Students

Transition planning is a results-oriented process designed to facilitate the successful movement of high school-aged youth with disabilities from school to adult life. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (2004) requires that transition services be included in a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) when she or he is 16 years old or younger. (Some states require the process to begin at 14).

Independent Living

Independent living actively promotes the social paradigm that people with disabilities are the best experts regarding their own needs, have crucial and valuable perspectives to contribute, and should have equal opportunity to decide on all life decisions.

Creating Inclusive Spaces

Inclusion is an approach and attitude that ensures every person, regardless of ability or background, can participate in all aspects of social life.

Creating Accessible Spaces

In order to help encourage the inclusion and participation of people with autism spectrum disorders or other disabilities, consider some of the needs and accommodations that a person on the spectrum may require participate in an event, activity, or program.

College Residential Living

Many students look forward to living away from home while attending college. Find out more about navigating the process of living on campus with autism and/or another developmental disability.

Inspiring Social Interaction Among Children and Adults with Autism Recreational Activities

Enjoying recreational activities in one’s community not only brings opportunities for relaxation, focused skill building, and fun, but it has an added impact of developing social skills and relationships. Learning that occurs in inclusive settings increases social interactions, and children on the spectrum can take the social skills that develop to other settings and use them.

Making Traveling Fun, Easy and Safe

We all love to travel and experience new places. For individuals living with autism and their families, it is important to make preparations in advance to ensure a safe journey to your destination.

Promoting Inclusion Overview

Inclusion commonly refers to a movement focusing on enabling people with learning disabilities to do ordinary things.

Promoting Cultural Competence

Anyone working with families and persons with disabilities need to understand the cultural values, beliefs and accompanying behaviors.