Fact Sheet: Questions and Answers About IDEA – Parent Participation

This document describes the rights and opportunities that IDEA laws provide parents and families to participate in and help develop, identify, and evaluate the special education services received by their loved one.

Fact Sheet: Cultural Competence Plan

This fact sheet defines cultural competence and goals to ensure cultural competency for the Information and Technical Assistance Center for Councils on Developmental Disabilities.

Fact Sheet: Health Care Reform Improves Access to Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services

The recent health care reform legislation will greatly increase the availability and impact of health care delivery in the United States.

Fact Sheet: Parent Tips for Transition Planning

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions that parents have regarding transition planning for their child who has a developmental disability.

Fact Sheet: Diversity and Cultural Competency in Disability Advocacy Initiative

This is a one-page fact sheet on the Diversity and Cultural Competency in Disability Initiative supported by TASH, an advocacy organization for people with disabilities.

Fact Sheet: Accessibility Guidelines for Speakers

This document outlines best practices for speakers that encourage accessibility in designing handouts and presentations.