What are the advantages of living on campus?

Many students look forward to living away from home while attending college. There are many benefits to living on campus, including: (1) Being integrated into the campus community, (2) Learning to adjust to different lifestyles and preferences and (3) Developing friendships and relationships.

What law supports students’ interest in living on campus?

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires colleges to provide equal access to individuals with disabilities in all aspects of college life. This includes accommodations in housing as well as education.

What considerations do students with disabilities take into account when thinking about living on campus?

For students with disabilities who want to live in an on campus dormitory, there are some considerations to take into account:

  1. How to apply for housing that meets their needs and what to disclose regarding their disability.
  2. Potential accommodations and supports they need to live on campus.
  3. The college’s policies on providing residential living support.
  4. Appropriate accommodations to request.
  5. How daily living activities can be supported.
  6. Whether or not a personal care assistant may be hired to assist the student round campus.
  7.  For students with special health care needs, considerations may include how to accommodate dietary requirements or support medical needs.
  8. For off campus housing, students must consider how to find an apartment, find roommates, manage daily living skills, including meals, laundry, and paying bills, and make a plan for emergencies.

Are there any residential living challenges that impact students with disabilities?

There are some housing challenges that directly impact students with disabilities. Specifically, individual colleges can decide whether or not part-time students or students not formally enrolled at the college, those who are auditing classes or taking continuing education classes, can live in campus housing. This policy can directly impact students with disabilities, so they must find out how to address these challenges as early as possible.

Where can students learn more about this?

Date posted: May 30, 2012. Content created by The Institute for Community Inclusion at University of Massachusetts Boston. Last updated: March 21, 2018.

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