Autism NOW Webinar: People Taking Responsibility for Advocacy in Their Own Lives

People Taking Responsibility for Advocacy in Their Own Lives

The registration for this webinar is closed, and it is now only available on-demand.

Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE), the presenters of our most popular webinar yet, is back on April 10th with a new webinar that you do not want to miss! Register today!

Time: Tuesday, April 10, 2012, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EST
Speakers: SABE Leaders (Max Barrows, Betty Williams, Chester Finn, John Britton, Bernard Baker and Nancy Ward)

Hmmm….who is the boss in your life? It is amazing how many self-advocates lead the way by speaking up to legislators and serving on boards. When it comes to your life, are you really in charge? In this webinar, you’ll:

  • learn how to ask for support to make changes in your life.
  • hear stories from peer leaders who have struggled with this issue.
  • come away with strategies to take responsibility for advocacy in your own life.

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