What People Should Know About Me

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Kimberly Bingham

Kimberly Bingham

By Kimberly Bingham

People think of me as different and I know that’s true,

But in many ways, I can be just like you.

What I want people to know about me

Is that I’m scared of heights so I can’t climb a tree.

I can draw pictures and write lots of books.

I look in the mirror and think of my looks.

I completed 2 graphic novels and working on the third.

I go to college and learn a new word.

I memorize that word and it stays in my head

And I write it down before I go to bed.

I like to go shopping and buy with a check.

I can’t waste cash or I’ll be a wreck.

I like to go to the library and read.

I never say no when I’m asked to do a deed.

I play the piano and I practice good.

I’ll be in a recital and I know I would.

I like to perform in a musical show,

But I’m on hiatus right now, you know.

I work at a nursing home at least one day a week

I work cleaning tables until they’re so shiny, they squeak.

I like to go swimming for fun.

I swim for exercise too, but I can pick either one.

I like bowling, mini golfing and shopping at the mall.

I can’t think of any more.  That’s all.

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